Speed Prep

This cool new kitchen gadget – invented by a guitar maker looking for a faster way to prepare family meals -- helps you slice, grate and julienne vegetables, fruits and cheese quickly, safely and easily.

Everyone knows that recipes requiring slicing and grating can take a lot of time and can make a big mess.  Speed Prep, the One-Handed Mandoline Slicer, is a revolutionary tool that offers a new approach to food preparation.  Speed Prep helps you slice, grate or julienne vegetables, fruits, cheeses with a simple squeeze from one hand, making time-consuming and tedious food preparation tasks quick, easy and safe.

Speed Prep was invented by a guitar maker in Philadelphia. The inventor, who loves to make gourmet meals, was looking for a faster way to do the prep work. By combining his knowledge of musical instruments and creativity in the kitchen, he invented this unique gadget. He brought his idea to Lifetime Brands and, in conjunction with Lifetime’s design team, the concept was further developed and brought to fruition.

Designed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind, Lifetime’s designers spent thousands of hours refining complex computer-aided designs and physical models to come up with the final design for Speed Prep. Our design team studied a variety of hand motions to ensure that this gadget was comfortable and easy to use to make food preparation faster and more enjoyable.

Simply hold the handle, pull the trigger back and lock one of the three blades in place. Move the food pusher aside and insert your food. Put the pusher back in place and squeeze the handles together to get perfect slices. You can cut directly over a cutting board, a pan, a plate or a bowl. Speed Prep also makes clean up faster since you don’t need as many prep bowls and cutting boards to get the job done.

Speed Prep has a compact design, it’s affordable, and it’s safe and simple to use. You can use Speed Prep to cut small foods such as peeled garlic, olives, grapes, walnuts and more. Speed Prep also slices cucumbers, celery, carrots, radishes, squash, potatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, hard cheeses, kiwi, zucchini and more. It’s a great tool for preparing soups, stir fry, chopped salad, toppings for pizza, potato and pasta salad, ingredients for omelets, quiche and any other recipes that require slicing and grating. 

This handy kitchen gadget features an ergonomic handle for comfort and the stainless steel blades, surrounded by durable ABS plastic, are safe and easy to change and clean. Speed Prep is dishwasher-safe and it comes apart quickly and easily for cleaning. The set includes three blades and a blade storage holder that slides onto the Speed Prep for compact storage in a drawer or cabinet. 

Speed Prep: The One-Handed Mandoline Slicer is available under the Farberware®, Pedrini® and DFL® brands at select retail stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Speed Prep Tips

Slicer Blade

  • Slice walnuts or pecans for desserts, salads or stuffing
  • Slice peeled garlic, mushrooms, olives for pizza
  • Slice radishes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, olives, for chopped salad
  • Slice strawberries, onion and cucumber for a salad
  • Slice potatoes and celery to make potato salad; potatoes au gratin, potato chips/fries
  • Slice up sandwich toppings: olives, cucumbers, onions, mushrooms
  • Slice carrots (you can cut a bunch of baby carrots at once or you can use whole carrots with the food pusher pulled back); celery (you can slice a bunch at one time), small onions, yellow and green squash for soup or stir fry
  • Slice kiwi, strawberries and grapes for cereal, yogurt, pancakes, or snack
  • Slice onions and mushrooms for an omelet
  • Slice cheese for an appetizer platter
  • Slice onions, pitted olives, mushrooms for pasta salad
  • Slice pickles for burgers or sandwiches
  • Slice chocolate bars, Oreos, graham crackers for desserts

Julienne Blade

  • Julienne yellow & green squash/zucchini (peel the skin first and put in sideways)
  • Julienne cucumbers (place into the chamber sideways)
  • Cut over a salad or add to stir fry, quiche, soup

Grater Blade

  • Grate Romano cheese over pasta or over salad
  • Grate chocolate bars for desserts/baking, ice cream toppings, cake toppings
  • Grate cookies, pretzels, graham crackers (dessert recipes, ice cream toppings)