Product Spotlight

In today’s competitive environment, Lifetime Brands provides consumers with innovative products that meet the needs of their lifestyles. Our products make it easier for people to prepare, cook and serve food at home. Below are a few examples of products that demonstrate this commitment.

Easy Clean Thermal Mug

Cuisinart® Easy Clean Thermal Mug

Beginning with an idea, designers tackled the difficult problem of designing an easy to clean travel mug. Hundreds of pencil sketches, models and prototypes later, skilled designers and fabricators begin to find the perfect solution. Finding solutions through creative use of new materials and manufacturing processes is part of what bring new solutions to life. (see more)

Perfect Seal Twist

After extensive research including interviews with users, the Perfect Seal Twist was designed to the specs demanding consumers require. This includes the use of a silicone spring that provides smooth operation and forms a perfect leak-proof seal, parts that separate for easy cleaning and a threadless drinking surface. (see more)

Speed Prep

Speed Prep

Speed Prep, The One-Handed Mandoline Slicer, is a revolutionary tool that offers a new approach to food preparation. Designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind, our designers spent thousands of hours refining complex computer-aided designs. Our design team studied a variety of hand motions to develop a comfortable tool that is easy to use and makes food preparation more enjoyable. (see more)

Odor Absorbing Splatter Screen

Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen

Instead of masking cooking odors with scented sprays, you can eliminate unwanted aromas and keep your stoves and countertops clean with our Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen. (see more)