Perfect Seal Twist Water Bottle

Quench your thirst and your passion for design and innovation with the new Perfect Seal Twist from Design for LivingTM.

Our design team did an extensive study on the hydration category and discovered some common user complaints about existing water bottles on the market: people don’t like to drink over the exposed threads in the neck of a water bottle, and they don’t like to drink with their mouth directly on the metal.

Our designers examined numerous options to solve these problems, exploring new uses of materials and various bottle and cap designs. The resulting Perfect Seal Twist Water Bottle from Design for LivingTM offers a more comfortable drinking experience, removing the threads and using a high-performance plastic versus metal for the drinking surface.

The cap, drinking surface and water bottle itself are made from a BPA-free Eastman TritanTM co-polyester, which is an extremely durable plastic that does not leach or retain odors. The cap is designed using a threadless technology – called Perfect Seal -- which features a patent-pending cap, silicone seal and stopper. The silicone stopper is activated by a simple twist-up or down of the cap. Now you no longer have to unscrew the cap each time you want a sip, you simply turn the top a quarter turn and take a drink. It also has an extra wide mouth to make it easy to add ice cubes. The Perfect Seal Twist is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning effortless.

This stylish and versatile design can be used by everyone, whether going to work, spending time with the family or playing sports. The objective of this bottle was to merge the design persona of the sophisticated office professional with the utilitarian driven sports enthusiast. The result is a modern bottle available in a variety of stylish finishes. This dishwasher-safe, commercial-quality water bottle is available in either BPA-free Eastman TritanTM co-polyester and also premium grade stainless steel. The bottle comes in multiple colors to match almost any personal style while bringing added function to everyday life. The water bottle holds 24-ounces and has a suggested retail price of $9.99. Patent pending.

Eastman TritanTM is a trademark of Eastman Chemical Company.