How To Care for Sterling Silver Flatware

Caring for your sterling silver flatware is as easy as setting your table.

Caring for your sterling silver flatware is as easy as setting your table. Most people don’t know that it’s okay to use sterling silver flatware every day. Sterling silver is not just for special occasions. You should also know that sterling silver is easy to care for, contrary to popular belief; you can even put it in the dishwasher.

We encourage regular use as an integral part of sterling silver care; a beautiful patina cannot form without it.

Daily use of your sterling keeps each piece bright and shiny and helps to create a lustrous patina. Below are some general guidelines to help you care for your sterling silver flatware:

  • After each use, promptly wash or rinse your sterling with hot water and dry it.
  • If you hand-wash your sterling, use a mild detergent.
  • Do not leave your sterling sitting in water, as soaking can permanently damage the metal.
  • Keep sterling and stainless steel flatware in separate baskets in the dishwasher.
  • If you put sterling in the dishwasher, keep detergent to a minimum, remove the sterling from the dishwasher before the dry cycle, and then dry items completely with a soft towel.
  • Polish your sterling once or twice a year, whether or not it has been used regularly.
  • Make sure your sterling is completely dry before you store it.
  • If using daily: Store sterling in a moisture-free drawer.
  • If using occasionally: Place sterling in the provided flannel flatware bag or in a wooden storage chest with a protective flannel lining.
  • Do not wrap your sterling in rubber bands, plastic or newspaper, or in any material with a high sulphur content.
  • Remove any tarnish by buffing your sterling with a soft cloth and silver polish.