Global Trend and Design

Lifetime takes a consumer-centric approach to product development fueled by extensive research. Through our Global Trend and Design Initiative, our team of experts, led by Tom Mirabile, travels around the globe to numerous trade fairs and retailers in markets outside the United States, exploring new trends, materials and technologies.

Internally, we have greatly improved our development synergies by sharing and evaluating all of the team’s data and research with our divisions and in-house marketing and design teams to create a greater impact in design, product, packaging and merchandising concepts. This initiative also helps us to identify new market opportunities and to create additional sources of consumer demand through innovation rather than through competition in existing markets alone.

Our Global Trend and Design Initiative reinforces our market leadership position and reputation with many of our largest retail customers, who rely on our trend and color forecasting data. We also have forged relationships with the product development teams at many of our key accounts and begun a process that allows for collaboration with our retail partners much earlier in the design cycle. This enables us to greatly increase our speed to market, offering us a distinct advantage over our competitors.

2014 Spring Fair Home Trend Forecast

Lifetime’s Global Trend and Design Initiative is a conduit for the Company’s strategic thought processes, providing insight into demographic, psychographic and general social trends that result in forward-thinking products with a tangible benefit to the consumer.

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