Cuisinart® Easy Clean Thermal Mug

You no longer have to worry about coffee, sugar and milk residue building up inside the lid of your travel mug. Find out how we solved this common problem.

Travel mugs are a staple for transporting coffee or tea in the car, on the train, in the office or around the house. Our designers weren’t satisfied with the options available, so they set out to re-imagine them.

They started by cutting open the lids on travel mugs our staff had been using for months. And do you know what they found? Coffee, sugar and milk residue that had been building up over time -- a haven for germs and bacteria that is definitely NOT the eye opener you want when drinking your morning java.

Hundreds of pencil sketches, models and prototypes later, our skilled designers and fabricators developed the perfect solution: an innovative lid design that can be taken apart completely and washed thoroughly (either by hand or in the dishwasher), ensuring a sanitary product that is easier to use and clean.

To bring this solution to life, our designers employed a creative use of a new material and manufacturing process. They eliminated numerous parts found in traditional thermal mugs and simplified the construction, utilizing a patent-pending silicone diaphragm to create a leak-proof seal. The silicone diaphragm can be twisted apart from the rest of the lid, providing easy access to the inside of the lid for thorough cleaning.

The diaphragm opens and closes by pressing a simple center push button on the lid. The diaphragm has no springs, uses the natural flexible properties of silicone to make it work, and it features perforations full-circle around the diaphragm, so you can drink from anywhere on the lid.

The base of the Cuisinart® Easy Clean Thermal Mug is made of double walled stainless steel so hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold. The 16-ounce Cuisinart Easy Clean Thermal Mug is available now at retailers nationwide for an approximate price of $19.99.