Core Values

At Lifetime Brands, we are committed to generating superior-quality products, services and consumer experiences. Our process involves more than just the products themselves; we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality service to the company, to consumers and clients by utilizing a combination of teamwork and individual professionalism. By putting forward our best in all aspects of our business we will be rewarded with increased sales and profitability.

Design with the Consumer in Mind

When designing, our inspiration must come from consumers. By delivering five-star experiences to them, we will continually succeed in growing our business.

Continually Explore What is New

Product, marketing and consumer, trends change rapidly. Visual design and product communication must change along with it to capture our consumer’s attention, stay on top of trends, and look ahead to what’s beyond the horizon.

Ask Questions

Shared ideas, thoughts, and concerns are the building blocks of collaboration. Positive productivity begins with communication. If you think it and believe it, then say it.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

The positive environment at Lifetime Brands is the result of healthy interpersonal relationships at the office. Supporting one another makes this a great workspace to which everyone wants to return each day to collaborate with their peers.

Act Urgently When Urgency is Required

Our objective is to adhere to deadlines while delivering brand-right and strategy-right products. Understanding what is expected of us through communication and being flexible and cooperative in the face of adversity makes all the difference between a slowdown and smooth sailing.

Strive to Find Environmental and Healthy Solutions

Implementing practical yet environmentally conscious programs is of ongoing importance, from efficiency in office systems and operations to the ecological impact of our packaging on the greater community.

Prioritize Based on Potential

Our resources should be dedicated to projects that will have the most impact on our business. A clear focus with defined business objectives will ensure our prosperity.

Create Products Which are Superior in Function, Safety & Style

Our products—and the packages they are in—need to be both consumer-friendly and safe. We are committed to developing product with attention to superior function while never compromising safety.

Grow Our Brands Around the World

We are committed to strengthening our brand names to further establish consumer trust and confidence. Our goal is to know the brand, shape the brand, and make the brand stick.

Do More With Less

Just like consumers, we want to get the most bang for our buck. Keeping costs down and value up requires taking full advantage of resources to produce high-quality results.

Foster Open Innovation

Formulating innovative concepts can come from the most unlikely source. We as a company will look to all places for ideas and innovation. Through listening to our employees and external resources we will strengthen our relationship with the consumer and display our desire to continually develop based on their feedback.

Embrace and Drive Change

New systems and processes are implemented to improve productivity and enhance workflow. In order to grow both personally and professionally, we are open to accepting new challenges, embracing change, and recognizing their benefits.